World leaders have agreed the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals are imperative for our planet and for the wellbeing of all. The question is how will we come together to meet these goals?


One solution: #FlipTheSwitch

Barefoot College, the subject of this documentary, is a leading social enterprise working in nearly 100 countries. Its work with women addresses many of the UN SDGs, including efforts to reduce poverty alleviation, climate change and gender inequality.

Hogan Lovells and Barefoot College launched a three year partnership to empower women and girls globally.

The partnership is aimed to bring clean, renewable light to 20,000 more families by training 400 Solar Mamas across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific Islands.

Crux Jinx Productions, a San Francisco-based film company, joined the collaboration to tell the story of global change. This wraparound communications effort included an innovative YouTube series, ongoing social media and now, the release of this film: Flip the Switch.


Sustainability has to be understood in a wider meaning… to make sure that dreams come true.

-- Juan Francisco Torres Landa, Hogan Lovells, Mexico City

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It doesn't matter if you fail. Battered, bruised you start again. - Bunker Roy, Founder Barefoot College