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Around the world with the power of light

In November in the rural town of St. Helena, Belize, two newly trained Barefoot College Solar Mamas, were able to #FlipTheSwitch of solar power for their village. Barefoot’s Latin America Director Rodrigo Paris was there for the ceremonial lighting. “Two mayan women from the rainforest with good partners and five years of work fulfilled our…

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Flip the Switch gathers film festival momentum

The 2019 film festival circuit continues to help women #fliptheswitch in 2019. Our hope is that every screening raises awareness of the vital role women in every region of the world will play as leaders for significant global challenges like climate change and ultra poverty. First, the TvE Global Sustainability Award chose Flip the Switch as…

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Fatma: ‘Take one thing… and use it!’

For most of her life, Fatma knew much about her very small village in the rainforest of Zanzibar and virtually nothing about life beyond. She lived as expected, marrying young, raising a family and doing her best to make a better life for her kids despite the abject generational poverty familiar to everyone in her…

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Energy solutions fuel investment and impact

Energy is very trendy for corporate investment, says Hogan Lovells Energy Partner Miguel Ángel Mateo Simón. “All the investments are being made in solar, probably because it’s cheaper than a wind farm or any other investment in sustainable energy,” he says. But beyond trends, sustainable energy is the foundation to unlocking economic opportunity in underserved…

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