Can one woman change the world? Watch and see. And the join the growing partnership helping women #FlipTheSwitch in every remote corner of the world.

Host the film or add it to your event lineup. Our list of luminaries can enrich any breakout session or event that shows the film.


MEAGAN FALLONE, CEO, Barefoot College

Meagan Fallone is the visionary leader of Barefoot College International who has helped scale the organization to work in nearly 100 countries.


YASMIN WALJEE, International Pro Bono Director,

Hogan Lovells

Yasmin Waljee has been key to establishing and embedding a pro bono culture within Hogan Lovells. She is the visionary for the firm's three year commitment to women and girls.


MARILYN WAITE, Author, Green Business Expert

Marilyn, Climate and Clean Energy Finance Program Officer for The Hewlett Foundation, is also the author of "Sustainability at Work: careers that make a difference," which has received critical acclaim.


SANJIT "BUNKER" ROY, Founder, Barefoot College

Bunker Roy founded Barefoot College in 1972. He was honored as Time’s 100 most influential people. His Ted Talk has been viewed more than 4M times.



AS CEO of Hogan Lovells, a global law firm, Steve Immelt drives the firm’s vision as a bold and distinctive law firm creating valuable solutions for clients.

Other panel guests can include topic specific experts, Hogan Lovells partners and Barefoot Solar Mamas featured in the film, as well as Film Director Dave Moutray.

#FlipTheSwitch TOPICS


Change to the Power of Many

Our film represents a collaborative approach to systemic change. This is a critical shift in the trends to combat significant global problems and presents a new model focused on collaboration for leveraged impact. This session is designed to inspire new collaborative partnerships taking on significant change in fulfilment of UN SDG Goal 17: Partnerships.  


Disrupting the Patriarchy: Women at the Center

The untapped potential of women represents a significant “disruption” that will increase impact to global GDP and progress toward the UN SDG. The film’s focus on empowering women and girls across sectors and regions shows a significant new way to combat central issues like ultra poverty, gender inequality and climate change.


All of the Above: Empowerment through Story

Facts don't change hearts and mind. People do. Stories connect and inspire, so the partnership behind #FlipTheSwitch created a wraparound approach to storytelling that elevated the work of empowering women and girls, including creating a forum for them to speak for themselves. This "all of the above" communications plan creates a wider partnership with long-term involvement.