Behind the Scenes

Fatma: ‘Take one thing… and use it!’

For most of her life, Fatma knew much about her very small village in the rainforest of Zanzibar and virtually nothing about life beyond. She lived as expected, marrying young, raising a family and doing her best to make a better life for her kids despite the abject generational poverty familiar to everyone in her…

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#FlipTheSwitch LIVE

We love a challenge. First, we agreed to film in some of the most remote villages in five different countries on a shoestring budget. Then we decided, “Well, we’ve come all this way… Why not have some fun?” #FlipTheSwitch Live was born. 10 Days. 10 episodes. 1 Story. 1 Movement. (and three bonus Africa episodes!)…

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Why Women?

Can one woman change the world? At Barefoot College,¬†we see it every day. Women are the prime movers, poised for a new era of leadership: You can see in action, right here on a #bts youtube series. Our partner¬†Hogan Lovells knows women can unlock tremendous value in every part of the world. It backed this…

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