Around the world with the power of light

In November in the rural town of St. Helena, Belize, two newly trained Barefoot College Solar Mamas, were able to #FlipTheSwitch of solar power for their village. Barefoot’s Latin America Director Rodrigo Paris was there for the ceremonial lighting.

“Two mayan women from the rainforest with good partners and five years of work fulfilled our second power project in this country,” he said.

Miriam, one of the Solar Mamas, spoke at the ceremony.

“I have met with other women from other worlds,” Miriam said. “We went to Barefoot in search of clean, renewable energy and power so we can have a brighter future. Together we can proliferate environmentally sustainable, people-based innovations for women like me.”

At the ceremony was Solar Mama Florentina Choc, who first went to Barefoot College. She electrified her village, about an hour’s drive from St. Helena, three years earlier. Florentina served as a resource, often helping to answer questions from Miriam’s village while she trained at Barefoot College.

Florentina, Miriam, and Miriam’s husband, Irwin, are featured in our documentary, Flip The Switch, which be seen in film festivals and events throughout 2019.

“We have achieved our goals,” Miriam said. “We, the women, always think we can and know, yes, yes we can.”

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